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Our mission is to improve your life, as well as communities by providing you with a better, healthier quality of life. We continue to accomplish this by delivering high quality, customized and user-friendly massage therapy services to our clients & guest. Our community outreach initiatives include offering whole health & wellness education to the local community, and supporting the arts, education and health organizations through financial support and outreach initiatives.


At Morning Dew Massage & Wellness, we don't just treat your issue...we get to the origin of your problem.

Why Morning Dew Massage & Wellness?

We offer exclusive massage therapy techniques that are tailored to your body's needs & trademarked modalities that you can only get at Morning Dew Massage & Wellness. We are epic! We educate our clients about the health benefits of massage therapy. We are professional from the first hello, to the relaxed goodbye. The level of integrity that we use allows us to remain consistent in providing you with a better, healthier quality of life. We are DFW's #1 trusted massage therapy. (Voted 2015 Best Massage Therapy Award - GAP/ 2015 Best Spa Massage Service -Thumbtack)

What We Do

Our No-Fluff mission is to get to the source of the problem, not just provide a temporary relief until your next session. Customers typically say one, three-letter word after our treatments: “Wow!”


We've discovered that the best way to help people is by becoming the most knowledgeable, most effective, and the best massage therapist. We do not diagnose or prescribe – We revive the body through therapeutic nurturing, while restoring a better, healthier quality of life to renew your sense of well-being.

The Clinic

Morning Dew Massage & Wellness is located at 1013 Northwest Highway, Suite 110, in Garland, Texas. We provide high quality massage therapy and whole health education services throughout the DFW and surrounding areas. Our membership program makes customized health and wellness therapy an affordable and accessible component of a holistic approach to wellness.


Morning Dew Massage & Wellness, LLC,  all started with a desire to heal. Morning Dew Massage & Wellness, LLC has been in business for over 6 years, with a proven track record of amazing bodywork. We love helping people by doing the intuitive work of helping with life's changes so that you can be the best you can be. We’ve developed our own range of therapies, from "Firm-But-Effective" to "DMT" (Direct Myo-therapy). We specialize in therapeutic massage, ranging from Post-accident, Sports, Deep Tissue, Corporate & Event Massages, and Spa parties.