Warriors Need Massage Too!

Last night I watched the Golden State Warriors dominate the Houston Rockets in Game 4 of the NBA Playoffs. It was a great game with some many heartbreaking and thrilling moments, like for example, the Warriors now sliding into #1 spot for the most 3-point shots made in a playoff game. But the most interesting moment happened on the sidelines when the cameras zoomed in on the Warriors’ physical therapist providing a combination massage technique with an awesome neck stretch/rotation. take a sneak peek at the video that went viral. . . . Andre Iguadola, forward for the Warriors, compared his facial expression on the video, when shown to him after the game, to a colonoscopy. He however stated

ATTENTION:Massage Boost Runner's & Cyclist Performance

Our son had enrolled in a cross-country team for his senior year and during this time we have celebrated with his progresses with much of the celebration focused on him beating his personal run time. We had also heard quite of bit of health complaints from him as well, ranging from shin splints to sore muscles to throwing up. Some we could not personally help him with such as shin splints other than telling him to buy another pair of proper shoes. However, we took that opportunity to educate him and others on how massage therapy could boost his and other runner’s performance. Science has finally validated what Chinese and Swedish evidence has known for years: Massage Therapy helps relieve mu

Got Text Neck

My neck is hurting right now and I know why. I never had this issue until 4-years ago. It only happens when my head is bent for a short period of time while glaring at what could be said as a miniature television, AKA, my cell phone. The issue? Text Neck. Yes, It’s the holy grail of my achy neck problems. Unfortunately, this is an all too common epidemic when we resort to texting others rather than actually calling people. According to the chiropractor that coined this phrase, Dr. Dean Fishman, text neck can be detrimental to your body’s health. According to a randomized trial of therapeutic massage for chronic neck pain from the Clinical Journal of Pain, “Neck pain is a common health probl

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