Jose G, LMT

"Providing a better, healthier quality of life"

José graduated from Texas Center for Massage Therapy in 2015 with over 830 hours of class and 120 hours of hands on clinical massage work. Jose gained an interested in massage therapy because of the passion he has for help others.  


José loves to learn new things and every client is a new learning experience for him. Each person is unique and has their own problems so he likes to take the initiative to find a solution and make an effective treatment plan to keep the pain at bay.  Jose's education continues to grow, as he partakes in  more advanced modality courses and adds more techniques to his style. 


"I love the feeling of helping someone on my table achieve complete relaxation and relief from their aches and pains."

I am excited for the opportunity Morning Dew Massage has given me and I can’t wait to grow and see where my career goes with this great company.  - José


What the clients are saying about José: 

OMG where did you find him?! He is such a great asset to MDM! Massage was great! - Jan H.