Introductory Stillwater Relaxation 

  • 50 min. massage

  • Light pressure

  • Stress relief

  • promotes circulation

  • Advanced techniques

  • Advanced draping

  • 1st Time Clients Only

Try our advanced version of the traditional Swedish massage to de-stress & relax. 




Introductory Firm-But-Effective™

Try our happy medium between the Stillwater Relaxation & the Deep Tissue massage.

  • 50 min. massage

  • Perfect balance of medium pressure

  • Tension & Toxin release

  • Hot Towels & Aromatherapy

  • 1st Time Clients Only





Try our Deep Tissue massage, strategically designed to melt away  tension while  improving your range of motion & flexibility.

  • 50 min. massage

  • Deeper pressure

  • Releases mucle tension

  • For chronic overuse

  • Hot towels & Aromatherapy

  • 1st Time Clients Only

Introductory Deep Tissue

Stillwater Relaxation™

A series of long, flowing, relaxing massage strokes to soothe and comfort those sore muscles. A  more  gentle  massage  approach.  This  is  a  lighter  massage but with many therapeutic benefits. 

  •  Light pressure

  •  Promotes circulation and lymph movement

  •  Great for stress-related conditions and chronic pain

Firm~But~Effective Massage™

Our Firm-But-Effective massage is a custom, "relaxapeutic" (Gentle hands with therapeutic plans) massage, designed specifically for your body needs. It's the happy medium between that soothing, spa massage that you crave, and the therapeutic deep tissue massage that you know your body needs.  

  •  Happy medium between Swedish and Deep Tissue

  •  Tension & toxin release

  •  Stress relief

Deep Tissue Massage

Working  deep  in  the  muscles  and  joints helps with  chronic muscular  pain, injury rehabilitation, and reduces inflammation related with pain caused by  arthritis and tendonitis. Firm techniques are used to melt away tension while  improving your range of motion & flexibility. 

  •  Releases muscle tension

  •  Provides deep pain relief for chronic and overuse injuries

  •  Loosens Scar tissue and lengthens muscles

Direct Myo-Therapy™

A tailored 50 - 80 minute Therapeutic massage. ​ DMT is  muscular manipulation designed  to  accomplish relaxation in muscles in which there is progressive  and  residual tension from physical or nervous strain, sports injuries, accidents, infections and/or years of declining health, and uses  therapeutic breathing to help elongate adhesions.

  • 4x's more effective than Deep tissue and Trigger point 

  • Replenishes strained, overused adhesion areas with fresh oxygen

  • Direct pain relief of headaches, neck, back, severe whiplash & TMJD

  • Promotes flexibility and maximum circulation

  • Reduces inflammation and  pain

Hot Stone Massage

A hot stone massage in which warm basalt rocks are used to treat deep muscle tissue and relax the body. (Our 50 -80 minute service includes placement stones for targeted treatment.) *Not recommended for those that have high-blood pressure, diabetes, edema, and/or cardiovascular conditions

  •  Eases muscle stiffness and tension

  •  Increases circulation and warms deeper muscles

  •  Good for chronic pain, rheumatic/arthritic conditions & fibromyalgia

Prenatal Massage

Specifically designed for the mother-to-be, this prenatal massage is enhanced with plenty of pillow support. Deeply relaxing and extremely helpful for the aches and pains common in pregnancy. For second and third trimesters only. 


  • Alleviates head & backaches

  • Increases blood circulation

  • Alleviates stress on weight-bearing joints

  • Provides more oxygen and nutrients to mother and fetus

  • ****Must be at least 13 weeks for a prenatal service****

Sports Therapy

Medium to deep tissue work with stretches to elongate the muscle tissue. Great for pre or post event and back pain relief.

  • Promotes flexibility to decrease risk of injury

  •  Improves endurance

  •  Reduces post work out recovery time

  •  Offers balance to training regimen

Clinical Referral

Rehabilitation massage for chronic pain under a doctor prescribed referral.  Our network includes Physical Therapist, Chiropractors, Nutritionist, Ortho's & M.D.'s. We have over 7 years of clinical massage experience with proven results, (Accident & Injury, PIP)  Must have signed & completed referral form from doctor.

Eden's Retreat™

Let's welcome Her back into the garden with this signature therapeutic combo. Using a combination of massage techniques, this service is customized to your specific needs. which includes your choice of Coconut-vanilla, Lavender or Peppermint aromatherapy, Swedish, Deep-tissue & Trigger-point techniques, ROM stretches, facial & scalp massage, Hot Aroma Towels, and Reflexology.


  • 2-hour therapeutic massage

  • Combination of 7 massage modalities

  • Customized ROM stretches

  • Tailored massage to you specific needs

  • Your choice of aromatherapy

  • Hot aroma Towels

Adam's Man Special™

Help Him get back into his element with this signature therapeutic combo. Using a combination of massage techniques, Customized to your specific needs, this service includes Swedish, Deep-tissue & Direct Myo-Therapy (DMT), ROM stretches, Hand and Foot Reflexology and Hot Aroma Towels. (Aromatherapy optional).


  • 2-hour therapeutic massage

  • Combination of 7 massage modalities

  • Customized ROM stretches

  • Tailored massage to you specific needs

  • Your choice of aromatherapy

  • Hot aroma Towels

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