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"Providing a better, healthier quality of life"

Morning Dew Massage & Wellness' unique membership program is designed to optimize your health by incorporating monthly therapeutic massage into your wellness routine.

Congratulations on enrolling in the Morning Dew Massage & Wellness Membership plan! You have taken one of many steps towards a better, healthier quality of life. Below are the terms and conditions of the membership plan.


Monthly Benefit: This allows you, the member, to one of the following services per month.

One Stillwater Relaxation ™ (50 minute)


One Firm~But~Effective ™ (50 minute)


Rates: Your membership plan is at the current rate of $59.99 per month*


Terms: The membership plan is a 6-month term and benefit is available 24-hours after purchase date. For example, if you purchase on the 20th, then your benefit is available on the 21st (exactly 24 hours) and you have until the 30th to use it.

The above membership rate will be deducted monthly via auto-draft (ACH debit) from credit or debit card every month for 6 months on the 1st of each month. Membership plans are auto-renewable. At the end of the initial 6-month term of membership, your monthly dues will automatically renew on a month-to-month basis.

ONLINE MEMBERSHIP PURCHASE/ENROLLMENT:  Any online membership enrollment will become effective the date of purchase. For example, If your online purchase is on the 21st then it will be effective on that date and the benefit is available until the 20th of the following month. Please note that the billing date will be on the date of the online purchase and cannot be changed to the 1st, which are our typical billing cycles. The billing cycle for an online purchase is from the date of purchase plus 29 days. If you would rather a billing date of the 1st of every month, then please call our office or walk-in for your membership enrollment.


Term begins on:_____ / _____ /20 ___ & expires on: _____ / _____ /20____

Late Payments: Any payments unable to be deducted after 10 days will be charged a late fee of $10.00 on the 11th day.


Additional services: Sometimes you may want or need to visit our facility beyond your monthly massage benefit. As a member you are eligible to discounted rates on additional services as follows:

60min service  - 15% off regular price service

90min service  - 20% off regular price service

2 hour service  - 25% off regular price service


Upgrades: In lieu of a member's 50 minute monthly massage, members can upgrade their benefit from one of the choices below:

Choice of one 80 minute massage below for $20.00: 

Stillwater Relaxation ™ (80 minute) or Firm~But~Effective ™ (80 minute)


Facial: Upgrade to a Morning Dew Facial ™ (50 minute) for $15.00


*Upgrade fee will be applied at checkout and monthly benefit will be applied towards the upgraded service at the time of checkout.


Share your Plan: Members are eligible to add ONE person to their plan. Additional member must be an immediate family member to be listed on your contract at the time of sign up. Membership cannot be rotated among other family members or friends.


Member Photo: We love to see your smiling faces! All members must take a photo at the time of sign-up to validate identity. In addition, your shared member will be required to take a photo as well.


Conditions: Special conditions apply to the plan as follows

  • Monthly Benefits do not roll over or accumulate. If not used by the 30th then the benefit will expire.

  • Monthly benefit must be used by the 30th of each month. If there are 31 days in the month, benefit still must be used by the 30th.

  • Members are required, per the Membership Agreement, to notify the clinic in writing of any change in credit or debit card on file prior to the next ACH debit date. Payment Authorization Forms are available at the front desk from an associate. Members are also required, per the Membership Agreement, to notify the clinic in writing of any change of address, phone number and email address.

  • Morning Dew Massage & Wellness, LLC is not responsible for lost or stolen articles or items.

  • Morning Dew Massage & Wellness, LLC reserves the right to change clinic rules, regulations, and pricing at any time upon providing reasonable notice.

  • You agree to follow our rules, policies and regulations. We have the right to refuse or discontinue service for any reason​

Exclusions: There is some exclusion to the discounted services on the plan as follows:

  • Any promotions and sale services (both massage & facial) including, but not limited to, introductory specials.

  • The following services are not eligible for discounted rates: Chair Massages (any time length), Reflexology (30min), Kick-Starter Massage, Corporate & Event Massage, Mobile Massages, Teacher Tuesdays, and R3 Wellness

  • Gift Cards: Discounts are not applicable to services placed on gift cards or gift certificates.

APPOINTMENT CANCELLATION POLICY:  All Appointments are subject to our appointment cancellation policy.

  • If you do not show for appointment, then you will be charged for the full amount of service or forfeit your monthly membership benefit, whichever accurately applies to appointment.

  • Please call more than 24 hours in advance to reschedule or cancel.


Freeze/Suspend Plan: Membership plan may be suspended/frozen up to two (2) months, however, on the third month, membership will begin again. If you choose to cancel membership before your initial 6-month term ends then you are subject to our $75 cancellation fee (see below).


Membership Cancellation Policy:

Initial 6-month Term

The term will auto-renew on the term expiration date unless you submit a letter of cancellation 30 days prior to the term expire date. You may cancel your Membership Agreement during the initial term of your membership without a cancellation fee upon the following conditions:

  • Permanent disability as established with the submission of a letter from your doctor.

Once you have been approved for cancellation you will be relieved from making payment for membership dues.

Cancellation fee: If you opt to cancel before membership expires during your initial 6-month term and the above reason does not apply, there will be a cancellation fee of $75.00.

Auto-renewal cancellation

You may cancel your membership after you have completed your 6-month initial membership term at any time. Please submit cancellation request in writing to Morning Dew Massage & Wellness, LLC. You can email, mail or walk-in to submit request as follows: 1013 Northwest Highway, Ste 110, Garland, TX 75041 /


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