Warriors Need Massage Too!

Last night I watched the Golden State Warriors dominate the Houston Rockets in Game 4 of the NBA Playoffs. It was a great game with some many heartbreaking and thrilling moments, like for example, the Warriors now sliding into #1 spot for the most 3-point shots made in a playoff game. But the most interesting moment happened on the sidelines when the cameras zoomed in on the Warriors’ physical therapist providing a combination massage technique with an awesome neck stretch/rotation. take a sneak peek at the video that went viral. . . .

Andre Iguadola, forward for the Warriors, compared his facial expression on the video, when shown to him after the game, to a colonoscopy. He however stated that his neck was stiff and needed to be stretched, and Chelsea “will get you right”. I can’t imagine what a colonoscopy feels like but I was sure glad he clarified his remark commending his therapist’s techniques. What I liked about watching the clip is that

the therapist was knowledgeable about the amount of pressure to provide and the technique to use to address his neck issue. Just like basketball players, our bodies undergo various repetitive motions all day, every day, some more intense than others. Of course, it also depends on the line of work that you are in (whether you work at home, in an office, on a job site, or play for the Golden State Warriors) that determines the level of motions that you put your body through. Even basic walking exerts various levels of repetitive motions and intensity to our bodies. In addition, muscle fibers can tighten in our body causing restrictions, including stiffness and pain.

By the time a client comes in for a massage, the body may have some restrictions in certain areas that a therapist will need to address during a session. Due to this, some discomfort during and after a massage is normal. Certain massages can increase the pain depending on the condition of the muscles and severity of muscle fiber restriction.

Some therapist will only ask “how is the pressure?” and never adjust for the client, but an E.P.I.C. therapist, like at Morning Dew Massage & Wellness, will adjust pressure if necessary. The MDM therapist will however keep in mind, that some pain or muscle soreness is normal depending on client’s intake evaluation. If there is any time that the pain is out of client’s level of comfort then, the pressure is adjusted and that area can be addressed at the next session. Muscle release during massage therapy is not always a one-and-done situation. But rather may need to be implemented on a recurring treatment plan for maximum results. Just like we may have to make more than 1 doctor visit for certain issues, it is the same with massage therapy sessions.

As with exercise, muscles soreness also happens during and after a massage. Muscle soreness is caused by tight muscles being stretched and re-aligned and will subside after 3 days. Your therapist will instruct you to drink plenty of water (hydration is extremely important!), and to do at-home stretches. The therapist may also have you schedule a return visit to address problematic areas that need additional treatment.

Massage therapy is always meant to heal, relieve and accomplish what your body needs. So for all of your warrior activities and conditions. . . .Get Massages. Go Warriors!

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