Morning Dew Massage & Wellness launches its Massage & Wellness Franchise

Leading clinical and spa services provider, Morning Dew Massage & Wellness, announces the launch of its Massage & Wellness franchise providing customers across the U.S affordable services

Morning Dew Massage & Wellness is one of the leading clinical and spa service providers in the United States, offering a wide range of professional massage therapy and all-natural skin care services that have helped it grow to become a national brand in the last half of a decade. As part of brand’s goal of “helping people to become EPIC™” and “providing a better, healthier quality of life”, Morning Dew Massage & Wellness has announced the launch of its Massage & Wellness franchise.

Massage therapy remains one of the oldest and most effective treatment options for different physical and even psychological conditions, helping to calm the nerves while also ensuring that the muscles of the body are in top condition. Unfortunately, quality massage services seem to have become inaccessible to millions of people not only in the United States but across the globe due to the exorbitant fees charged by most service providers in the industry. However, Morning Dew Massage & Wellness has been able to change the narrative since it was founded by the experienced massage therapist, instructor, and continuing education provider, Sernerick J. Greer, in 2013.

The company’s recent launch of its franchise further reiterates the brand’s commitment to providing a better, healthier quality of life while staying true to its EPIC™ values. The franchise also offers an opportunity for investors to be a part of the Multi-Billion Dollar massage and beauty industry while leveraging the perfect positioning of Morning Dew Massage & Wellness to meet the rapidly increasing demands of the Health and Wellness Profession.

Highlighting just a few of the unique features and benefits of the franchise are: • The Availability of Multi-Unit Opportunities; • Recurring Revenue from Memberships; • Premium Products and Services create Income Diversification; • A Tremendous growth opportunity in the massage and beauty industry, including a 78% Brand Growth Per Year; • EPIC™ corporate support and training; • US Military and Veteran Incentive Programs

In recognition of the skill set possessed by U.S. military veterans and licensed massage therapist, as well as, their focus and dedication to lead a business to success, Morning Dew Massage & Wellness is offering special incentives and programs to make franchising easier for qualified veterans and licensed massage therapist.

More information about Morning Dew Massage & Wellness and the EPIC™ values model, a hybrid between clinical and spa massage and skincare offering several benefits for owners, clients, and communities through education, professionalism, integrity, and consistency can be found on their website. About Morning Dew Massage & Wellness

Morning Dew Massage & Wellness was founded by a massage therapist in 2013, to create a nationally known brand that offers professional massage therapy and all-natural skin care services that will provide a better, healthier quality of life in an upscale environment. The end result is a hybrid between clinical and spa, without the enormous price tag.

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