Because Your Health Matters

"We'll Get Through This Together". " During These Uncertain Times". "This is the New Normal". These are just a few of the slogans that all of us have either used or have heard in the last few months. It has been draining to listen to oft-repeated phrases. But...they are all true!

Even though the slogans can be tiring, it is a company's way to try to reconcile the ongoing crisis with responding to the needs and very real concerns of clients and customers. We understand this all too well!

Health and wellness is not just connected to massage therapy, but to every aspect of us as individuals. When our kids are not doing well with virtual learning (or if we are not doing well teaching them...I mean come on, 5th grade math is very difficult!), or we are caring for a sick family member or friend, or ourselves are sick; if we are experiencing job loss, or just LOSS...all this snowballs into our well-being.

Massage therapy is just one of the ways to decompress during this time. Whether it is on Teacher Tuesday for Garland ISD teachers, or R3 Wellness Thursday for City of Garland employees, firefighters, or police officers, we have many options available for clients, including facials (because seriously, these masks can really do a number on our skin)!

Understanding how we can work together as a community to be safe, coming to grips with the unknown, while also recognizing the need for small changes in our lifestyles are important to the overall health and wellness of all of us.

"We are in this together"

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